Responsibility & Condition of sale



1.1 as distributor provides and manages, for the agreed fee, live and on demand streaming or other data accessible via the Internet telecommunications network, by means of high-speed computers it linked or managed permanently.

1.3 The customer has no authority to act in the name and on behalf of


2.1 The service will be active as soon as it is confirmed by Server89's email [email protected]. The Service Rental Agreement has a minimum duration of 1 (one) month. The service is automatically renewed by charging the cost for the same period upon advance payment by the customer.

2.2 In the event that the customer does not renew the payment within 7 days following the monthly deadline, the service will be deemed to have been terminated and not automatically renewed for the following month.


3.1 The customer may use the streaming made available by and ensures that the information and content used are in its legitimate availability and do not violate any third party rights (eg: copyright, phonographic, etc.). The customer assumes responsibility for the information provided to, exempting itself from any responsibility for assessment and/or control at regards.

3.2 Streaming panels such as CentovaCast, SonicPanel, Mediacp, AzuraCast, etc. can be periodically updated by the technicians in charge, the customer exempts from responsibility for any differences or temporary or definitive lack of functioning with respect to the programs and accessories previously inserted.

3.3 reserves the right to suspend or eliminate the service totally or partially in the event of a request from the competent judicial authorities. We will first send an email to our customer to inform of the incident who will tell us what to do in the next 48 hours.

3.4 As already mentioned in point 3.1, the monthly or annual rental fee for our audio and video streaming services does not include any fees envisaged for the SIAE and SCF regarding the protection of copyright and related rights. Each customer will independently decide how to settle with the necessary licenses separately.

3.5 Pornographic content, cyberbullying or any content that violates the rights of other broadcasters, such as television rights, pirates and much more, are not allowed in video streaming and VcPanel.
In that case, Video streaming will be suspended and an email will be sent to the customer.


It is absolutely FORBIDDEN to use the customer telematic services of for illicit purposes. It is forbidden for the customer to use to stream obscene pornographic audio or video transmissions, gambling videos, incitement to hatred or defamatory content, insults or denigration of persons or groups of persons. However, it is explicit


If is forced to interrupt the service due to exceptional events or maintenance, it will try to contain the periods of interruption and/or malfunction as quickly as possible. We will evaluate case by case whether to reimburse customers on a breakdown exceeding 24 hours.


6.1 In no case will be held responsible for the malfunctioning of the services deriving from the liability of telephone lines, electricity and global and national networks, such as breakdowns, overloads , interruptions, slowdowns, failure of the computers that manage the telematic traffic or due to force majeure. Furthermore, it will not be held responsible in any way for failures, omissions or temporary suspensions of the service that are due to causes of national or international Servers or Providers (suppliers) of access, bandwidth or server maintenance systems (Noc, server farm) as well as any disruptions due to hacker attacks. is also indemnified from any damage caused by server stops or by damage to files on the disk, whatever the triggering cause.

6.2 No compensation can be requested from for direct and/or indirect damages caused by the use or non-use of the services.

6.3 The specific structure of the Internet, in which many entities are involved, does not guarantee the constant usability of the service. The customer agrees not to hold responsible in the event of data loss or damage due to the impossibility of accessing the Internet, transmission of information, delays, canceled transmissions or interruptions of the service.